Jetstream Pony Announce Debut Album

Jetstream Pony announced themselves to the world with the incredible Like You Less/Had Enough 7″; they followed that up with the excellent Self Destruct Reality EP and a few more singles. But today is the day we’ve all been anxiously awaiting, as the band announce their self-titled debut LP! A slight angular guitar opens the scene before a wall of distortion comes crashing through your speakers, carefully balanced by Beth’s cooly delivered vocals; Shaun helps add further balance with his deeper vocal notes adding in a perfect foil. While it’s easy to get swept away in the perfection of guitar pop, what I love is how much space the band leave in between; they’re savvy vets, not rushing to fill every second of the song, allowing you to just get lost in the wash of dazzling pop noise. Their self-titled record will be out later this year via Shelflife Records and Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten.



    Excellent single. Really enjoyed it. A big fan of the band! Loved how clean it sounded ( meant in only the most positive of ways). The bass guitar behind the up top vocals and guitar really gave a good and deep thump to the rhythm of the song. Wonderful first cut!

  • Geoff Burnett

    This really gets my juices flowing. Seriously I have not been this excited waiting for an album release since Cafe Bleu/ Style Council. I have just ordered my copy of the vinyl. Love the vibe, vocals, the quality guitar thrashing, I could go on and on. Cannot wait to see the band again and I know I am not going to be disappointed with the album. Keep it up guys IMO you are currently the best band in the world. And Beth don’t tell me to fuck off xx

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