Mark Allen Piccolo Shares Yer Goin Up

A sophomore albums is always a struggle; you’re going to second guess yourself, question whether or not you’ve topped what came before. Or at least, that’s how I imagine it from behind my computer screen. For Mark Allen Piccolo, it seems he’s less interested in “topping” his debut, but rather maneuvering his songwriting in a different direction; he chose to layer each song on his daily commute to school in California, forcing him to build each track bit by bit. What that leaves us with is this multi-layered tune, begging to peel back loops and beats to reveal the central melody that courses through; it’s like Beck, if only he’d been weirder and less into Scientology. Just be sure to leave careful breadcrumbs, as its easy to find yourself lost in the rich musical tapestry Piccolo has crafted here. You’re going to get similar results too by picking up Word of the Day; out May 1st via BotCave Records.

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