Friday Streams with Pure X, Dummy and Devon Williams

Obviously, today is all about giving a dollar or two towards your favorite artists and labels, and trust us, that’s what we should be doing all year long. But, let’s not forget the music world still must go on too…and there’s a few releases today I wanted to turn your direction towards…maybe say a few words with some links for buying and what not. Check the jump and pick up some stuffs.

Devon WilliamsA Tear in the Fabric (Slumberland Records)

Today we premiered the “Borderline” video off this record, but it needs further discussion beyond just the slight visual nod. I love the whole of this record; it’s as diverse a pop record as anything Devon’s done in the past, sort of skipping around genre touchstones, while always sharing a link. I thought the slide guitar on the title track was a nice twist, built inside of a dreamy soundscape. It’s indicative of the detailed work Williams put into this record; if you’re looking for a full album listen, start here.

DummyDummy EP (Pop Wig Records)

A debut EP from the California quintet with links to Wildhoney. For a debut EP, it does the perfect job, offering a few different glimpses at the beginnings of a great band. “Angel’s Gear” and “Slacker Mask” are energetic guitar pop songs, fuzzy on the edges, while “Folk Song” brings about a more pensive approach to the brand, slowing things down in an almost eerie dreamlike fashion. Plus, you get the sonic exploration in “Touch the Chimes,” letting us know that this band can go anywhere they want…and we’ll definitely be on board.

Pure XPure X (Fire Talk Records)

Pure X is a band that I admittedly forgot about, or perhaps took for granted in their absence. Still, the opening track alone was an indication of how perfect their new LP was going to be; it begins with this heavy distortion wash, suffocating in a sense, but then the vocals enter with a soft underbelly to craft this beautiful juxtaposition. This whole LP has such perfect balance that your’e probably going to put down everything you’re doing and immerse yourself in the best new listening experience today, especially if you’ve got some good headphones.

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  • Joe, so proud of you, I like the songs and hope that you have great success with your new band. Love you, Mom

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