Best of 2020 Thus Far…According to Nathan

We all say these lists are arbitrary, and yet in the end, we get sucked into making our own…mostly because it seems like other people got it so wrong. But, then looking at my personal list, and it’s no wonder we’re not in the cool kids club, because these records are not seeming to make the big time lists. Oh well. Here’s my awards for 2020 thus far…plus, in the very end I have a very nice 10 hr playlist of all my favorite songs of the year, one jam for each day in 2020, save the holidays!

Favorite Albums

Hinds – The Prettiest Curse (Lucky Number)
Bad Moves – Untenable (Don Giovanni)
RVG – Feral (Fire Records)
Orpine – Grown Ungrown (Heist or Hit Records)
Gum Country – Somewhere (KingfisherBluez/Dinosaur City/Burger)
The Strokes – The New Abnormal (Cult Records/RCA)
Gary Olson – s/t (Tapete Records)
En Attendant Ana – Juillet (Trouble in Mind Records)
Wares – Survival (Mint Records)
Deeper – Auto-Pain (Fire Talk Records)
Toner – Silk Road (Smoking Room)
Pintandwefall – Your Stories Baby (Soliti Music)
Melenas – Dias Raros (Trouble in Mind Records)
Non La – Not In Love (KingfisherBluez/Lost Sound Tapes)
Lewsberg – In This House (12XU)
Girlatones – Horn if You’re Honky (Meritorio Records/Lost and Lonesome)
Xetas – The Cypher (12XU)
Peel Dream Magazine – Agitprop Alterna (Slumberland Records)
Primo – Sogni (Upset the Rhythm)
Dropkick – The Scenic Route (Bobo Integral)

Favorite EPs/Singles

Big Baby – Fizzy Cola (Jigsaw/Hidden Bay Records)
Dummy – Dummy EP (Pop Wig Records)
Jeanines – Things Change (WIAIWYA)
Pale Lights – You and I (Slumberland Records)
Half Dream – Strange Lover (Self-Released)
Why Bonnie – Voice Box (Fat Possum Records)
Secret Shame – Dissolve (Self Released)
R.E. Seraphin – A Room Forever (Paisley Shirt Records)
Go Get Mum – Ok Now What (Meritorio Records)
Seablite – High Rise Mannequins (Emotional Response/Meritorio)
Lost Film – Between Melting and Freezing (Utility Tapes)

Favorite Tracks

Moving Day by Go Get Mum
Miles by Christelle Bofale
This Heat by Deeper
In/Out by En Attendant Ana
Get to the End by Girlatones
Been in the Dark by Jeanines
Atasco by Lisasinson
Hands by Lithics
Ah-Ah-Ah by Pintandwefall
Sondern by Orpine
Yr Man by Non La
Some Days are Harder Days by Rabbit Island
Boo by Pting
Centrelink by Thibault
Surrender into Waiting Arms by Wares

But, because I love a lot of songs, I also have this playlist, as promised, with a song a day for all of 2020:

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