Sorry I Missed This: Teen Idle Share Insomniac Dreams

So I’m only a week or so late here, but I really wanted you to wake up on Friday with something special: the new Insomniac Dreams EP from Teen Idle. It’d be easy to pigeonhole this is as something akin to dream pop or shoegaze, particularly since its been released by Sunday Records. But, I think that sells Sara Abdelbarry a little short. Sure, some of those touches are omnipresent, particularly in the pacing of each track, or maybe even that haunting guitar sound we know and love. Take, for instance, “Dreaming,” which seems more like an exorcism of personal demons, a song that feels like escapism. For me, the aforementioned genres are all about building emotion through their sonic texturing, and I love that; I love that experience. This, however, this whole EP has emotion just dripping through it. Sure, you can lose yourself in the emotive qualities of the musical notes, but I beg you to just sit there and feel along with the entirety of this EP. Grab it from Sunday Records!

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