Papercuts Cover Galaxie 500

The world is a shitshow, so what little solace I can grab I’m taking. Luckily, we can all wrap our work day with this really wonderful Galaxie 500 cover performed by Papercuts. Jason Quever is one of my favorite current artists, covering one of those older acts I still can’t get enough of as a listener. Quever recorded the video during quarantine, but it goes along with the 20 songs 2020 project, which featured other incredible acts like Stephin Merritt, Deadbeat Beat, Winter, Jeanines and so many more; you can find more about that HERE. I love how he keeps the noise in the ending, it’s like the perfect way to cap off this track. The only problem is where do I go from here…to Galaxie 500 or Papercuts? For now, you can have both below!

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