Girlatones Announce Short & Sweet EP

Earlier this year, Girlatones released one hell of a sophomore record, Horn if You’re Honky, and they’ve turned right around to give us another offering this year by way of the Short & Sweet EP. I was pleased to find that the band would be taking on a similar downtrodden mood, as was present on the standout single from HiYH, “Get to the End.” I was happily basking in my solitude while listening here, when a sudden uptick in the sound perked me up; you’ll hear a slight tonal bounce around the 1:30 mark, offering up this tiny sparkle of promise before receding back to the solemn notes of the verse. Despite its shifting moods, you’d be missing out if you didn’t hear the faintest dash of hope on the horizon in the band’s pop sensibility. They’ll release Short & Sweet on October 2nd via limited cassettes! (Photo by Izzie Austin)

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