Daphne Tunes Organizes Covered

Our good friend Santiago has been a big part of our site and our label; the label released an LP from his band Growl, and last week we released the Pelvis Wrestley tape, a band of which he is a part. But, he’s really been focusing the last few years on Daphne Tunes, and this time around he’s organized a bunch of friends to throw together some recordings of their favorite tunes; the release is aptly called Covered. There are some other ATH Records alums on here in the form of J Halp (of Marmalakes) and Most Likely (Sam of Growl), but also some great locals we love like Emily and Al of Van Mary or Teddy Glass. Just wanted to give a shout out to the release, with all proceeds going to Urban Roots Initiative. Stream it, love it, buy it, enjoy it.

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