Los Blenders Release Mazunte 2016

Los Blenders are a group of young men from the Mexico City borough of Coapa who have been making music together for close to 10 years. Thought they’ve spent quite a bit of time together, the band has maybe flown just a bit under your musical radar. Tomorrow, September 25th, the band will drop their 3rd full length LP Mazunte 2016 via all streaming platforms and for purchase on bandcamp. I was fortunate enough to speak with the band about the new album and you can read the Q&A after the jump. We’ve also been given a new song to stream from the album prior to the release date tomorrow. Check it out!

All responses come from leading man Alejandro Archundia.

ATH: Can you talk about the recording process a bit for your new album Mazunte 2016?
Where was it recorded and how long did it take?

AA: We recorded in our studio near Mexico City’s town centre. The whole process took around 6 months, including recording, mixing – which we also did – and mastering.

ATH: How does the song writing process work for your band? Is it a group effort or does one member take the lead?

AA: Song creation is an individual process for us. I, Alejandro Archundia, vocalist of the band, generally sit in front of my computer and start demoing. Then I layer arrangements over arrangements until I like them all as a whole.

ATH: Describe the album in one sentence for anyone new to you.


ATH: Do you feel as though you might be more popular in the US or in Mexico? Any idea why? Do you think certain songs can reach one audience but not the other?

AA: Our fanbase is definitely located in the urban areas of Mexico. Mainly because we sing about how life is here, so it might be difficult for people outside of Mexico to identify with our lyrics. At the same time there’s a lot of people with Mexican origins in the US that have connected with our songs that talk about more universal themes like falling in love.

ATH: I recently spent some time in Mexico City and wanted to know, what are your top 3 record stores in town?

AA: I’m going to sound really lame but I buy all my albums online. :p

Thanks again guys! Here is new song “Punta Diamente” for your streaming pleasure.

Purchase Mazunte 2016 here.

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