Awesome Austin Friday w/ Stiletto Feels, Velcrowolf and Zoltars

This is one of those weird weeks in Austin when it seems like everyone we love decided to drop some musical knowledge on us today. We’ve got some standard players like Stiletto Feels and the Zoltars dropping brand new records, plus a return to the fray for JP Pfertner, formerly of Built by Snow, and his new project Velcrowolf. Click on down to hear some fresh new tunes!

Velcrowolf – JP Pfertner used to write songs as Built by Snow, but he took some time off from writing songs for a bit, and returns with his brand new solo project, Velcrowolf. He describes it as “just one dumb person in my bedroom making stupid things,” but we like to think he’s onto something. Sample “Walkman Wars” and then go check out the rest of Destroyer of Batteries.

The Zoltars – Obviously we’re Zoltars lovers, as we released an LP from the band last fall on our own label, and they return with Mystery Kids for Rock Tumbler Records. Personally, I love Jared’s storytelling in his songs, and he’s so prolific that I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not another related project just around the corner; he also might be one of Austin’s most underrated voices, so don’t pass this new album by today.


Stiletto Feels – Geoff Earle returns with the follow-up record to 2015’s the Big Fist. This go round, its every bit as eclectic as the first go round, though with a more politically informed message. Having a backing band featuring members of Octopus Project, Ume, Think No Think and more certainly helped Earle billed this heavy-hitting wall of pop; I love how Geoff’s work seems to escape any pigeonholing, try as I might. You can stream Push Back below!


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