The Proctors Release New LP, Summer Lane

Well, perhaps Summer Lane isn’t the brand new album from the Proctors, but it’s the long lost record that we deserved…we just never got the chance…until now. The majority of these tunes were written between 1993-1997, with Sunday Records being so kind as to finally bring these songs to light. I love the forlorn guitar sounds on “Distant Echoes,” matched with that longing in the vocals. “Moon Song” has a great performance from Christina Priest (and maybe some opening drum work familiar to Oasis fans). And don’t get stuck on the mellow pop you say? Then turn on the upbeat jangling rocker, “Shooting Star,” full of delightful dual vocals. Or maybe the dreamy guitars circling on “Not So Far Away” are more your style. All this to say that Summer Lane is needed in your life today, and thanks to Sunday Records, you can get your hands on it!

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