Milky Wimpshake Share Two New Singles

Next week Milky Wimpshake will release their first record in five years, and its shaping up to be quite a thrill, at least for those on my end of the spectrum…whatever that means. They’ve just released two new singles from Confessions of an English Marxist, so I wanted to make sure those were out in the world. On “Welcome to Fascist Britain” you get a little bit more of that ramshackle indiepop sound; its more boisterous, comes at you with more force, but as always, they don’t shy away from great hooks like the chorus! Then you “I Don’t Wanna Go There,: which definitely seems like a great way to close the record; it offers this lighter attitude, blending in some softened backing vocals…this is the most charming track I’ve heard today. The album comes out next Friday courtesy of Bobo Integral.

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