Order of the Toad Share Britons Marrakech

I’ll be honest, having been at the blog game for over 10 years now, sometimes sounds just get boring…so lately I’ve been looking for folks to do a little more, to stretch their sound (as if what I said matters). Luckily, our friend Robert Sotelo reached out to let us know that another project he was involved with, Order of the Toad, had a new release coming our way. So, here we are, with a new single and a sound that sounds like everything you’ve heard and yet nothing you can place. “Brintons Marrakech” has these little psychedelic guitar stabs, though there’s a sort of garage pop/60s girl group attitude layered in with the vocals; it all kind of slinks along, creeping artfully around every corner…tossing in an emphatic punch when needed. You want to be cool? This is what true cool sounds like. Re-Order of the Toad is available today via Gringo and Reckless Yes.

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