Dummy Return with EP2

We’ve been super high upon the relatively new LA group, Dummy; we’re continuing that by pointing out that today they release their new EP2. We’ve already offered up “Pool Dizzy” to the masses, which definitely gives a little nod to Stereolab, for all those currently into that sound. I really love the new EP, as it gives a deep view into the band’s influences and musical tastes. Opener “Thursday Morning” is a ringing meditation on pop music, guitar notes bouncing in your ear while the vocals keep your emotions grounded, sedated even. “Mediocre Garden” takes electronic music to adventurous new places, built more as a twinkling soundscape to a world filled with bright lights and warm breezes. Then they close with the brilliant “Prime Mover Unmoved,” which begins in a bit of a dream state before your alarm goes off and your brain starts to buzz with the possibilities of the day. Grab it while you can!

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