New Music from Lydia Daher & Ubertrager

The last few years have shown us that one of the great indie powerhouses in the world is Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten; the label has released great hits, most recently with the Love, Burns single I’ve raved about on these very pages. Today, in my hopes to anger all Anglophiles, I bring you the label’s latest, Lydia Daher & Ubertrager. Lydia is a well-known lyricist/artist, so she’s joined up with Ubertrager to complete a mini album titled Penetrante Realitat. Aside from the imagery on this tune, the musical element is pretty captivating throughout this title track; its subtle and relaxed, combining little elements of European indiepop with atmospherics flourishes that build this elegant texture. The full release makes its way into your hands this Friday!

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