Dannika Shares First Single from Gems LP

As always, I try to listen to the Aussie tip hotline, where I was pointed in the direction of Dannika, who just announced the forthcoming release of Gems, slated for release in January. For me, what I’ve found interesting on my repeated listens is how the song seems to straddle two varying styles. On one hand, the music has this casual pop feel that fans of the Melbourne scene will surely be familiar with; you know that I’m a fan! Still, the vocals, 95% of the time, feel like they might fit in with a Waxahatchee or Big Thief style; it definitely gives off a feel that’s slightly different than what I’ve come to expect from the region, which makes it refreshing. Figured it’s a nice way to get you started on this week! The LP drops on January 29th courtesy of Osborne Again/Spunk.

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