A New Song from Pelvis Wrestley

Remember when we helped our friends in Pelvis Wrestley release their latest album, Vortexas Vorever, on cassette? Well, they just shared a brand new tune that should make your day; it’s part of Austin Music Foundations ATX Gen Next comp, which also features other artists like Deezie Brown, DRINT and more. This new Pelvis track has this great galloping shuffle to it, but there’s some little nuanced details that I love. Put your ear close, and you can here this brooding fuzz right behind Ben’s voice in there; I can’t explain why, but it accents his great vocal performance in just the right way. Plus, there’s this tamed exuberance that comes in the chorus, reminiscent of Arcade Fire when they were charming…but clearly they’ve handed the reins to this Austin bunch. I’ve also included a stream of their LP, because why havent’ you listened to it enough?

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