Stream Brisbane Radio from Stephen’s Shore

We’ve got to start off Friday by putting some spirited bounce in your step, and I couldn’t think of a better way than to share this bright new Brisbane Radio EP from Stephen’s Shore. Almost immediately, you’re met with the crisp jangling guitars of the album’s title track, featuring vocals that roll so melodically like the gentle waves at high tide washing over you feet as you stare into the horizon. From there you get more joy from “Midvert,” a mostly instrumental tune working with minimal vocal harmonies in the distance to add in nice pop texturing. “Skogen” brings in more wistful vibes, though I feel as if they’re channeling a sort of paisley psychedelic vibe, akin to the Papercuts or Clientele, if you’re into that…though obviously spun through an indiepop kaleidoscope. Then they close it off with the ever charming “Up to No Good,” which might actually be the record’s standout tune. I can’t say enough about this lot, so please please please stream it below. You can grab the 7″ EP from our dear friends at Meritorio Records!

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