The Lodger Return with Cul-de-Sac of Love

Not going to lie, but I haven’t really thought about The Lodger since their 2010 album Flashbacks, other than the handful of times I toss “The Good Old Days” into a DJ rotation. But, don’t ever let that think that I don’t swoon almost immediately thinking back to all the joy the group brought me…and so many others. Out of nowhere, the band have seemingly popped up with Cul-de-Sac of Love, a brand new record spread across various great labels for the world. The sharp guitar riffs break off somewhere between Orange Juice and New Order, fleshing the song out towards the chorus to add in a more melodic feel to that angular brand of post-punk. My adoration continues, as they continue to impress with their ability to kind of dance that fine line between dance-floor joyousness and swoon indiepop. Just jam, please. This new LP drops on March 12th via We Were Never Boring (in the States).

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