The Lodger Share I Don’t Wanna Be It

Last week, the Lodger released Cul-de-sac of Love, their first LP in over 10 years, but albums never die, so they’ve got a fresh video for standout “I Don’t Wanna Be It.” For me, this offers up the side of the band that I’ve grown to love, still pulling those jangling guitar strings yet holding back on the tempo to allow for a little breathing room. Here they wash that space with a little synth work, and a softened vocal melody; it opens up the song and makes gives the tune longevity, allowing it to sit with you hours after the track (and album) have faded out. The video treatment has the tune spliced with footage of the band amidst a scrolling forest jaunt, diving into the natural realm where pop fans are most comfortable! The LP is available world-wide now!

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