Aquarian Blood Announce Bending the Golden Hour

I’ll go out and admit that I didn’t love Aquarian Blood until I caught them live touring behind A Love That Leads to War. There was something about that night, playing at Hotel Vegas, with a scattered crowd that just connected the dots between artists and music. Laurel and JB Horrell were presenting this spirited performance that felt more like a bluegrass seance, yet somehow felt right at home amongst the tattooed cool of the venue. They return today with a new single and a new LP, Bending the Golden Hour, and it very much feels like its still destined to haunt my musical bones; the guitar work is careful and ornate, using the Horrell’s overlapping vocals to beg you to come into the musical world they’ve created. It feels like the 2 have found their home in the music they’re crafting together, and as they open the doors and invite us in, we should be obliged to spend a few moments with their work. Bending the Golden Hour is out May 28th via Goner Records.

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