Yellow Ostrich Returns with Julia

Having just announced an anthology of the last decade of songwriting, Alex Schaaf is ready to return to his Yellow Ostrich moniker. Today we get to listen to “Julia,” a song about the difficulties of maintaining all sorts of relationships, romantic and otherwise…and trying to reason with those challenges. Musically, I was really drawn to his vocal approach on the song at first; there was something mathematical about it, almost like Rob Crow in some of the early Pinback work (seriously, this sounds like beautiful slowcore Finback!). That said, the song wouldn’t be successful if there weren’t careful little touches throughout the tune that really emphasize the attention to detail from the participants on the recordings; I’m all for building layer upon layer, just like Schaaf and company have done here. Soft, the new LP, is out on April 24rd via Barsuk Records.

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