Dag Announces Pedestrian Life

If you were fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time with Dag‘s Benefits of Solitude, then, like me, you’re expecting remarkable heights from the forthcoming double LP, Pedestrian Life. Dusty Anastassiou’s voice somehow crafts melody while also seeming like a welcome lecture from your favorite speaker. The first half of the song works with the vocals and a marching style stomp, allowing the guitars to serve as this uplifting layer for textural purpose; echoing and twisting in the background like sly snakes. When you hit 2:14, you can hear the song shift, the guitars seem more melodic, cascading in step with Dusty’s soothing delivery, all of it culminating in this quick burst of emphatic jam that abruptly draws the song to a close. Already I’m loving it and looking for more! Pedestrian Life is out via Bedroom Suck Records on June 18th.

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