Girlfriends and Boyfriends Share Dirty Words Video

The great thing about the cycle of an album is that you sometimes need a little reminder to go back and enjoy things, like when this video popped up from the recent Girlfriends and Boyfriends LP. Earlier this year (February to be exact) the Vancouver outfit released Fallacy of Fairness, a record drenched in nostalgia, but the sort you don’t mind revisiting. Synth stabs and jangling guitars abound, giving you this sort of middle ground between the Smiths and the Go-Betweens. The video seems fitting for that nod, with shots of the band spliced with the antics of what I can only assume is the most dangerous moped gang in Canada. Put your dancing shoes on folks; its time to swing and flail about your home office with a big old grin upon your face!

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