Kevin Hairs Shares Brand New Single

As I’m catching up on what might be the last Bandcamp Friday, I totally missed that our friend Kevin Hairs dropped a brand new 3 song single for your ears (sorry Kevin!). On the “Stay Mild, Man-Child” you get this deliciously crunchy riff, almost putting Kevin in garage rock territory, though, of course, its balanced by his softened vocal delivery. “Knight School,” however, tosses Hairs back into solid indiepop territory; it’s got those jangling notes with a velvety voice hiding beneath the song’s surface; I think this one might make Glenn Donaldson a little jealous. On “Worry is My Love Language,” you get hints of misty surf channeled through the adoration of late 80s indiepop; it’s the sort of song that has you staring out at sea, dreaming of things to come. Grab ’em all now!

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