Carpet Burn Share Butterfinger Hands

First, let there be fair warning for US audiences, as this song is not at all about the heralded Butterfinger snack. But, Carpet Burn, a new act led by Kayley Langdon and Tam Richards-Matlakowski is rather paying homage to how we all let things slip out of our hands, both literally and figuratively. The song is this pseudo-psych pop that creeps in along Kayley’s synth work, almost like a pop horror score; the wonky bounce helps set up the falling vocal delivery that seems to tumble down to the ground…like any object would if you indeed did have ‘butterfinger hands.” Plus, the song wraps up with a great noisy freakout that’s sure to set fire to your soul. The band will release their I Can’t Believe It’s Not Carpet Burn EP on June 18th via Spoilsport Records.

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