Slow Rosary Shares Montserrat

Please. Put aside six minutes of your time today. Sit somewhere quiet and listen to this new single from Slow Rosary. At first, you get this slow strum and dramatic vocals, stark in their presentation, with powerful lyrics from Rene Duplantier; the lyrical storytelling recalls the works of other literary songwriters like Meloy, Darnielle or Oberst. Progressing, the song seems to carry this undercurrent, this loneliness that swells with emotion as we all fine common ground with the tune, falling deep into the song as little flourishes begin to seep through the speakers. Just before the song hits the 4 minute mark, the tune erupts, drums roll over you and cymbals crash as the twang of the guitar wanders about your room; it feels like an album’s worth of music accomplished in just under 7 minutes. Refinery, the debut album from the project, will be out August 27th.

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