Pleased To Meet You: Tears to Go

In a way, I hope you’ve all met Tears to Go, though the project is brand new. It’s the solo work of Elena Sestelo, who was once part of When Nelda Became Punk (Shelflife); she’s just announced Patronizing Self-Help, the debut album. Our first listen gives us the title track, with Elena’s voice taking on a slightly dreamy brand, with the musical element leaving lots of space for the song to swell. Used to Sestelo’s immediacy from her previous work, I found myself pleasantly surprised with how carefully this song unfolds; the piano notes are hit with purpose, like an emphatic stomp on our souls, as angelic backing vocals are layered to create this otherworldly experience. If you dig what you’re hearing, then you’re going to want to check back in the Fall when the debut is released courtesy of I Need Some Company Records.

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