Love, Burns Shares New Tunes

I have it on good authority that Love, Burns, the solo project of Phil Sutton (Pale Lights) has a full length ready to go. But, in the meantime, he’s teasing his fans with three non-album tunes, and personally, if these are the non-LP tunes, can you imagine how great a record this will be? “She Will Leave, Unless,” feels like a lesson on the bygone days of pop, that innocent sunshine in the window as you make breakfast to set off on your day, starring softened jangles. “Say What You Mean” seeps in with a little more swagger, sort of that late 60s almost pscyh where the whole band is wearing cliche black sunglasses, but with better songwriting. Still, the 3 new songs don’t peak, for me, until you get to “The Push and Pull of the Great Outdoors.” I love how stark and naked the tune feels, mostly Phil and guitar until a bit of tambourine shimmies near the 2 minute mark. Man, you better love eat this up pop fans!

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