Smoke Bellow Announce Open For Business

It seems like the year’s been packed full of acts brandishing their own interpretation of what indie rock is/was, so you’ve got to look to your favorite labels to see where its going, like with the latest from Trouble in Mind. Today the label announces the release of a new LP from Smoke Bellow, and while pieces of the sound collage are definitely familiar, the presentation feels fairly unique, albeit one in line with current trends. It’s almost what one would call no-punk or no-pop; it’s got that sort of arty presentation, with stabbing guitar lines, rhythmic pulse and a kind of off-beat nature about it…sort of reminds me of one of my ATX faves, Deep Time. Don’t be confused, there’s still delectable pop bits in here, just tossed out in a fashion that’s not as easy to consume, but ultimately as rewarding. Open for Business drops on September 17th.

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