The Golden Dregs Share John Video

I guess we’ll be spending a good deal of today jamming out to some of my favorite songwriters, like Benjamin Woods, who helms the Golden Dregs. Seriously, just take one listen to this track and tell me that throaty baritone doesn’t just sink deep into your soul; Hazelwood and Merritt have been mentioned as comparisons, but I’m just going to settle for being blown away. I love the subtleties of Benjamin’s craft, the little details that often get overlooked. For sentence, just listen to the way his voice falls at the line “seldom do I think about him now,” matching perfectly the rise and fall of the guitar work. Plus, as the song continues, you get these added little flourishes highlighting all the finer details of the artistry in every track from The Golden Dregs. This track appears courtesy of End of the Road Records who will release it via 7″ in September.

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