SUUNS Share Clarity Single

I’ll come out and say that today I’m approaching life with a little bit of trepidation and anxiety, so I kind of need something that moves me in and out of consciousness, both visually and audibly, which is why this new SUUNS tune is perfect. Visually, well, you can see the color pink moving in and out of the tune; it seems like an eye, looking in or out on the world. Musically, this tune’s really stripped back, with this light beat being manipulated to match up with the vocals, while some other synthetic (or is it or horns or both!) notes surf in and out of the background to build in some texture for you. If you’re willing to let your mind drift, I can’t imagine a better way than this; this single appears on the band’s new record, The Witness, out September 3rd via Joyful Noise.

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