Dean Wareham Announces I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of LA

It’s been a little shy of a decade since Dean Wareham released some solo material, but just as his former bandmates returned to the fold this year, so too comes Dean with today’s announcement of I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of LA. But, despite some great arrangements that join Dean at the 41 second mark, this song feels really stripped down, almost like early Dylan-esque. There’s definitely something cinematic, too, that creeps into this song, be it the black and white imagery, occasionally blurry here and there, or the track’s general expansive feel, like an old Western with that deep throated narrator. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the album was recorded with Jason Quever (Papercuts), who creates a lot of wonderful tunes on his own right…so I’m all in here. The LP will be out on October 15th via Double Feature Records.

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