Tam Vantage Announces New LP

Tam Vantage, aka Tam Richards-Matlakowski, has played in some of my favorite Aussie outfits, whether you’re talking his old act Pop Singles or more recently, Girlatones. Now we’ve got Tam back at it with solo stuff, and he’s just announced Laughing Gas & Apple Pie, a new long player slated for November 5th via Still Traveller Records. This song finds Tam working his way in and out of a 10 chord cycle, letting the drum work punctuate the riffs, all the while his voice calmly soothes the listener. There’s certain moments when I hear this pristine old school pop, but other moments where I hear the track taking on a sort of GBV feel, but perhaps that’s down to the clever guitar work. Whatever the case, it’s never a bad day in my neck of the woods for a new Tam tune!

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