Dummy Share Final Weapon Video

I think my favorite thing this year is going to be reading all the glowing Dummy reviews and see exactly where people name drop an influence here or there. I’m sure they’re likely to get some ESG, some Stereolab, maybe even some Peel Dream Magazine (if you’re going more recent), but I really wanna see what everyone drops; I need new stuff to listen to; I’m not trying to be a jerk. I honestly don’t even think it matters, as the band seem to kind of operate like some mad lunch lady, stirring a pot of everything left in the kitchen pantry and churning out something incredible. This latest single flirts with these propulsive notes that kind of seem dance-floor ready, yet there’s this layer of left-field psychedelic experimentation that kind of holds everything in one unique spot…all the while, the vocals here feel like they’re trying to bewitch me, seducing me with this calm amidst these vibrant sounds. That’s the wonderful thing about the band, they seem to be kind of formulating their sound as they go, so it constantly seems to evolve, and that bodes well for all of Mandatory Enjoyment, out October 22 via Trouble in Mind.

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