Impressive New Tune From Spirit Was

Nick Corbo is a guy you probably knew during his time playing bass and sometimes signing in the innovative indie rock band LVL UP. After his old band decided to go their separate ways, Corbo stepped out on his own under the recording moniker Spirit Was. Many years were spent perfecting the sound of this new project and now Spirit Was will release a brand new, debut LP on October 22nd entitled Heaven’s Just a Cloud via Danger Collective Records. Prior to that release date, we’ve been treated to this post-emo, Built to Spill, muddy, blues inspired number called “Come Back up to the House”. I love the way the song progresses from this acoustic ballad, into a sort of muddy, indie rock gem with some stellar female vocals to give it a softer touch. You’ll want to check it out below.

Pre-orders for Heaven’s Just a Cloud are live now.

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