Pleased to Meet You: Humdrum (ex-Star Tropics)

When Star Tropics quietly called it a day, it left Loren Vanderbilt sitting with a slew of songs and nowhere to take them, so he started up a new project titled Humdrum. Today you get to sample the first single from the forthcoming album, and if you don’t immediately feel yourself swooning, please have someone check on you. Churning jangles are greeted by sharp drum work, leaving plenty of space for Loren to let his voice drift and dance atop the mix. One of the big reasons I love this tune is the clarity in the production, particularly Vanderbilt’s voice; it’s got a very slight hint of atmosphere to it, but for the most part you’re getting this clarity you don’t always get with this genre, illustrating that there’s plenty of melody coming down the line. As of right now, this is just a little sample, but we’ll keep you posted as we find out more about the album and its release!


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