Stream Semihelix’s New LP, Recoil

Pretty huge release day out there, with some ATH faves like Ducks LTD and Cindy dropping new albums, but I wanted to stay a little closer to home with a record we really love around here: Semihelix‘s Recoil. Honestly, I think Geannie Friedman and company really hit it out of the park here; the album plays in the realm with roots dating back to post-punk, but it uses that as a touchstone, dancing here and there. Take “Mourning Light,” which features this bubbling bass line and soothing melody, definitely taking some notes from the Sarah Records catalog, then jump ahead a few tracks to “Translucent,” using more pace and urgency to push the melodic notes. It all works so perfectly, you’re sort of shocked that this is the band’s debut. Me, well, I’m partial to “Come Around,” with Friedman’s best vocal performance, at least to my ears. Go ahead and give this album a few spins this morning.

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