Zinskē Share Horseface Josey

While the Chris Lipczynski and Zinskē might not be a household name just yet, I’d love to have a chance to change your mind as the band set up for the release of their debut LP, Murder Mart. For starters, Chris has this incredibly distinctive voice, bordering on grizzled, though careful to cling to melodic structures; his delivery, particularly in the chorus segments provides this extra layer of listener satisfaction. Musically, this is the spot on example of good old-fashioned indie rock. You get dueling guitar lines, riffs that drop between distorted speaker-busters and jangling angular cuts. I love how the song seems to get loud as possible without ever getting incredibly loud…plus you get this little guitar noodle just after the 1 minute mark. Everything about this, from the craft to the production just screams that this is perfect (from now on). Press play, there’s no need to go further, that other stuff just isn’t this cool!

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