The Golden Dregs Share Ultimate Fighting Champion

Benjamin Woods project, The Golden Dregs, has long been one of my favorite secrets, or at least its felt that way as I’ve continued to hold out hope that those in the States would catch onto his songwriting. Perhaps with his latest 7″ and new single, folks will dip their toes in these fine waters; one can dream. The new single has this solemnity to it, which has a lot to do with the tones of Woods’ voice. But, one of my favorite bits is this uplifting guitar line that seems to set up the chorus; you can find it hanging just underneath the mix. Plus, the chorus has these layered vocals that feel intoxicating, but also bring the song a little bit of bold bombast to push things ahead. Give these jams a listen, will ya! New 7″ is available now from End of the Road Records.

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