Stutter Steps Drop New 7″

When I first heard Stutter Steps, I’ll admit, the jangles had me up in my feels. But, over the last few releases, Ben Harrison has kept the jangles, but rounded them out just a bit, bringing about these more circular notes, the sort that ring high above with sparkling melody. This past week, the band dropped a new 7″ via Blue Arrow Records, and while the ever-present warmth remains intact, there’s almost a classic rock aesthetic to what Harrison and Co. are offering here; it borders on Americana even, though these little finite details on repeated listen tend to offer up a certain DIY ethos. On the B-side, there’s this great almost radio friendly ballad, but the buzz of the guitars in the recording keeps the song just left of center, the way I like it. Always great to hear what Stutter Steps are up to, and if you’re so inclined, grab yourself a copy of the 7″.

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