Poison City Records Announce A Collection of Songs from Palm Springs

Whoa whoa whoa! Don’t get confused…we’re not talking about Palm Springs, California, but rather the songwriting project of Melbourne’s Erica Dunn, who also plays in Mod Con and Tropical Fuck Storm. Poison City Records just announced they’ll be releasing A Collection of Songs, which compiles out of stock 7″ and early tape releases that are probably pretty hard to find over here in the States. Just wanted to give you all a little sample of Dunn’s work, and by jumping into this introduction maybe entice you to go back and listen to her work. I chose this single as it’s got this striking bravado balanced with Erica’s powerful vocals, so it comes off as brave and angelic, ultimately just striking the listener in the face! A Collection of Songs will be out on December 10th.

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  • Great song. Her voice is powerful, the melody and sound have a classic, somewhat retro, ballad feel, but a haunting delta blues presence, even though it is not at all blues–very interesting and very cool. There’s a lot of good stuff going on in Australia.

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