A Place to Bury Strangers Announce See Through You

Today A Place to Bury Strangers officially announce their 6th studio album, and while that seems like that’s been a long time coming, the band still sound really fresh on their latest single, if not in peak form. Heavily distorted sounds ring out from the get-go, setting an ominous industrial vibe, waiting for Oliver Ackerman to enter the fray as he haunts the song with dropped tone vocals. Thematically, the song is set to tell the story of two lovers who are lost in a city that doesn’t know their name, finding solace in their relationship. Interesting narration, but spot on for the current climate. Be sure to wait until the 2 minute mark when the song opens up and just gets a little sonically deranged, which no one does quite as well as APtBS. Their new album See Through You will hit on February 4th via Dedstrange.

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