Gabriel Bernini Shares Love Will Never Be The Same Video

In case you missed Gabriel Bernini‘s latest LP, we’re hear to remind you that it’s never too late to dive deep into a great record; I’m here to convince you to enjoy You Got Me! What better way to get you leaning in than by sharing a brand new video for standout tune “Love Will Never Be the Same.” The entirety of the new album is definitely channeling chilled out vibes, with Bernini drawing inspiration from JJ Cale, Neil Young and the like; you can hear some of that expansive arrangements on this number, slightly shaking and stomping in the background while Gabe soothes with this gentle drawl on the front of the mix. This track has this sort of resonating warmth, which sort of speaks to the record as a whole, so if you’re seeking the fireside comforts of a good LP, then be sure get a copy of this from Dadstache Records.

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