Howless Announce Debut LP

Mexico City is a great hub for art and culture, and its been great to see that start to make its way across into the States the last few years. Today, we’re sharing this track from Howless, a four-piece band specializing in blending noisy bits of shoegaze with the dreamier side of today’s pop music. This song begins on the pop side, using these crisp guitar lines and punctuated rhythm work that gives off the feel of New Order or the Cure; they stay here for a little bit, bringing up the melodic moments to the front of the track. The vibe gets matched with some old footage of exuberant dancers having the time of their lives, much as we hope the band is doing. Once the tune hits the 2 minute mark the noisier elements start to take over, washing the song in this heavy crash of shimmering guitar noise; I appreciate that they’ve let that blend in gradually, rather than just the typical climactic crash. If you’re digging it, the band release To Repel Ghosts via Static Blooms Records in February!

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