Fawns of Love Share Taboo Daydreaming

I know it’s Monday, but I’m not sure you’re ready for this new Fawns of Love tune; the video from Kenneth Anger’s Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome alone is enough to captivate. The wife and husband duo of Jenny and Joseph Andreotti recent announced Innocence of Protection, and below you’ve not got the striking second single from the LP. For me, I was really drawn to the synth work, which is the band’s trademark, but here it sounds both propulsive and spacious, almost as if the stabbing looped beats punctuate the song’s negative space as it swirls about our ears. Even more intriguing for my ears was the way the band put some guitar notes too in the little interlude moments, almost faint, but just enough in the mix to really deliver this subtle emotion. If you like what you hear, the new LP is out at the end of the week via Sunday Records and Kingfisher Bluez.

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  • Gracias por compartir este nuevo lanzamiento de esta excelente y fresca banda, saludos desde el precario Mxico.

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