That New Ted Leo Jam

Yea, yea, this was on that one site that I always try to avoid overlap with, but I couldn’t avoid my forever man crush’s newest single. The song came about after Ted Leo spent some time back and forth with Spencer Ackerman discussing narration for his new book Reign of Terror; Ted was encouraged to wrap up a song to coincide with the book’s release, and thus here we are. Honestly, this tune really sums up one of the reasons I love Leo’s music, and one that’s often overlooked. He’s known for his politics and for his ability to craft bitingly sharp tunes…but do we ever get to toss a nod his way for his melodic notes? I love the way he delivers the chorus on this tune, and sure, he can still ramp up that tenacity when necessary (as we see here!), but damn the sweetness of those pipes gets me. Ted, if you’re listening, I’ll put any record you want. For the rest of you, grab this tune, with all proceeds going to Jane’s Due Process and Frontera Fund.

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