Kaputt Drop New Single, Gone West

It’s been almost two years since Kaputt dropped Carnage Hall, and the Glaswegian group is ramping up production as they aim to put out a new LP early next year. We got this new single courtesy of their label Upset the Rhythm, and it’s got me salivating at what’s to come with the new record. Of course, the song opens up with these sharp angular stabs, keepings us off kilter a bit with this sense of anxious paranoia. The vocals come in heavy and dark at first, but what I really loved happens just after the 1 minute mark. When the chorus comes in, the heavier vibe of the vocals starts to take on a bit of this sort of melodic punk tone; it’s less frantic and dangerous, more along the lines of what you might find on a Buzzcocks record. Feel like this is a tune that’s good enough to take us into the holiday. We’ll see ya’ll next Monday!

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