T.G. Shand Shares New Single, Seats

T.G. Shand is the new project from ex-Miniatures member Annemarie Duff, who is now spending time living in Christchurch. There’s a new album in the works for early ’22, so now seems like the perfectly fitting time to sprinkle in a little tease. What first caught my ear was the sort of trip-hop underbelly of the beat work on this tune; it was the perfect place to set up some contrast with the song’s dreamier nature. In all honesty, it feels like the sort of tune you’d hear on tour listening to a band like Dummy, so its nice to see other acts incorporating various sounds on a genre that needs a little refresh (if you ask me). Close ears will ear washes of guitar and that sort of acid house groove working its way to the surface, and if you ask me, we’re all the better this song’s out there. We’ll keep you posted on more as it comes our way.

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