Husbands Drop New Single, Wishbone

I’ve written about Husbands previously, a band hailing from my old stomping grounds of OKC, and with that, we’re here to offer you one final single before the band drop their new album. This tune’s all about the psychedelic underbelly, pushing this sort of buzzed electronica beneath this catchy pop brand. There’s definitely something seductive, particularly in the way the vocals are layered against one another, giving the voices their own sort of instrument to propel the song forward. That dark throb and pulse continues that push and pull feel, mimicking the way the vocals play against each other, letting the song sort of ebb and flow through your ears, twisting and turning as it enters the ear canal on its own terms. If you dig, the band drop their debut LP on January 18th…with a slew of shows you can catch up on HERE.

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